Switchvew? Switchview is an innovative new technologically for ‘intelligent glass’. It allows the transparency of a glass panel to change from clear to opaque/frosted to clear. All in less than one second.

Satterley Property Group wanted to use this modern technology to assist with their sales and marketing efforts at their Dalyellup Beach Estate Sales Office located south of Mandurah. Our solution – a Switchview film, applied to their Sales Office external windows – to allow for their rapidly changing promotional campaigns to be updated quickly and easily with the touch of a button. Unlike old fashioned window promotional stickers and films which needed to be designed, applied and then peeled off to allow for updates,  Switchview allows for the promo designs to be updated and changed using PC based technlogoy. Quick, economical and simple!

The scope of work included applying the Switchview film to the inside of the Sales Office windows spanning 2000mm high and 3600mm wide area. Read more about this project and its exciting new digital signage applications in our Case Study here.

Our Yap!total promise is to take complete control of the digital signage project from start to finish.  We take your big idea, and nurture it through a glorious metamorphosis to wonderful result.  Some call it turnkey, others call it end-to-end, but the principle is the same – whether it be shopping centre touchscreen kiosks, sales office digital displays or outdoor LED advertising billboards, we take care of the whole signage solution.

Make the Most of Your Assets

Our team of professionals are just a phone call away. We’ll help to create the ‘wow’ factor with Switchview film.

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