About Yap!digital – WA’s No 1 in Digital Signage

History & Vision 

Our heritage is borne out of static signage.

As the world has shifted to dynamic digital signage, so have we! For over a decade we have successfully completed over 80 digital signage projects…

Yap!digital is the digital signage division of parent company Signs & Lines, which has a proud history over 39 years.

Our story started in 2012. Since then our interactive electronic digital signage projects have been recognised and awarded– refer to our Case Studies which speak volumes about our work.

Innovation leads our response.

Our team focus on smart solutions … our vision is to offer the best of the best. With products and technologies sourced from brands across the globe – we offer custom solutions for unique projects.

Always keep one foot in the past, your head in the present and your eyes to the future. John Smith.
Watch: the future IS interactive touchscreens.

Our track record spans across different industries such as corporate, retail, commercial, manufacturing and educational markets. Our goal is to be the principal turnkey provider in the interactive digital signage sphere  – delivering customers a unique end-to-end service that includes design, content creation/ management, software, hardware, manufacturing, installation, hosting and after care.

Services, Skill, Talent


What makes a great digital sign – is it the design, content or interactivity?

Or the global network capabilities and unrivalled selling power?


At Yap!digital, we believe it is all these things, and more.


Strategy: From simple right through to complex, we deliver electronic signage solutions that work! Strategic master-planning is a vital, yet often overlooked phase in the process. We match your vision with an interactive, digital solution that works for your business. Are you ready to make the transition to interactive signage? Not sure? Complete our quick survey now.

Design: It all starts with good design. Designing is not just about what looks good. It must also perform, convert, astonish, and accomplish its purpose. The Yap!digital Design Studio will create unique digital concepts and designs that allow you to stand out from your competitors.  Find out more about the 7 Deadly Sins of Content.

Construct:  Our excellent reputation has been built upon the quality of our manufacturing capabilities.  The manufacture team produce quality custom housings with integrated hardware and software components.  Your project is created under one roof in our purpose built workshops. All the elements will be tested, reviewed and played with until the finished product is perfect.

Install: Our team of installers and technicians will transport and integrate your signage on site. A service provided across Australia.

Aftercare: We’ll help keep your interactive signs looking amazing and performing like magic. Regular maintenance or repair services are provided by our audit and care teams.

Excellence: Peace of mind from our quality management system. This means that your project is in safe hands.


Help, Fix, Support

Like most technology, to get the best results a degree of care is required. Our support services provide ongoing management and issue resolution to ensure that software and content runs smoothly. Whether it is through a managed services contract, or an ad hoc callout basis, our team are ready to keep your digital signage systems running 24/7. Regular audits of multiple assets are a key part of our care service.

See what our Managed Services & Monitoring offers

Team, Pros, Wizards

Meet the Yap!digital Team

David Ryes
Digital Whizz

Mark Simmonds
Master in Chief

Trine Larsen
Design & Content Genius

Josie Simmonds
Chief Weights & Measures

Fabian De La Barra
Technical Magician

Top Dog


What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a cost-effective way to improve the customer experience using a display (sometimes interactive) with dynamic and variable content managed over a network and updated in real time.

What types of interactive digital displays are available?

There are many types to consider, from: kiosks, tables, outdoor advertising billboards, wayfinding plinths, menu boards, advertising display screens, sales display suites, map tables, boardroom presentation flat panels and transparent displays for virtual exhibits. Refer to our Case Studies for inspiration.

What are the benefits of digital signage?

Interactive touchscreens and digital signage are smart, scalable and professional. The message is clear and consistent.  It’s better than email, printed posters, static signage and other marketing as:

  1. It delivers information and news in real-time;
  2. The customers love it – it’s modern, fresh, current and engaging;
  3. Messaging can easily be changed to reflect trends, sales, demand or information needs;
  4. Content can be changed to rotate at interval or show multiple things on a screen at once;
  5. It saves money by eliminating design, printing, and distribution costs; and
  6. There is a return on investment – with $$ revenues by selling display space.

See 7 Key Reasons to Invest in a Touchscreen

How does digital signage work?

There are a couple of options based on technology available, desired flexibility and budget.  Either connect devices using a wireless or wired internet, or from a simple USB [see this Digital Directory which runs on an USB].

Can my business or company benefit from digital signage?

The short answer is Yes!  If you are a business with a message, product or service to promote then interactive digital signage is for you.  If you are looking to stand out against your competitors then digital displays can potentially double audience information retention [source: zugara.com].  If you are looking to upgrade to professional sales tools that pack a punch, then use technology to enhance your sales force. Complete our simple Converting from Static to Digital signage questionnaire to find out more.

Where can digital signage be used?

Wherever you can place a LCD monitor and reach potential customers…indoors or outdoors.  Solar innovations mean that an electricity supply is no longer a prerequisite.  The possibilities are endless: Retail, Education, Leisure, Transport, Stadiums, Restaurants, Hotels, Museums & more.

See our free Downloadable Industry Reports.

Is my information and content secure?

We apply rigorous security protocols to ensure that data is protected.

How do I purchase a Touchscreen?

Please get in touch. We will tailor a solution to suit your needs.

Do you service Australasia?

Yes, we can service WA, Australia and New Zealand.

How much does digital signage cost?

There are many different factors that will influence price. We like to focus on value.

For as little as $5,500+GST you can get started on your interactive digital signage journey.

Whilst the initial investment maybe higher than conventional signage, the flexibility and potential for return on investment (from advertising) can mean the solution is cost neutral.

Basic digital signage screens can start from a thousand dollars, whereas interactive touchscreen solutions, networked with sophisticated content across multiple sites may be a few hundred thousand dollars. Contact us with your idea and we’ll give you a no obligation, budget quote over the phone.

What kind of display monitor can I use?

You can use any display such as a Computer monitor, LCD or Plasma which supports PC input. We will recommend the best option for you from our preferred partners.

Does your content support RSS, Weather, Stock, Podcasts?

We support all common RSS feeds. We provide the editor tool so you may completely customize the look of any really simple syndication.

Can I run PowerPoint?

The short answer is yes. However, content is a key determination of the success of your digital signage investment. We would strongly recommend you read 7 Deadly Sins of Digital Signage Content and consider using professional design services to create content.

Buyers Guide

For more on our different digital product propositions please view our Case Studies.