Idea, Shape, Form

Dynamic Modern Design

Everything starts with an idea – a concept – and the all-important evolution of this thought until it becomes a reality requires design skill.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. It is how it works.”– Steve Jobs.

Yap!create understands that constructing the physical shape of a digital signage housing is as important as creating the dynamic content.

Whether traditional or contemporary ideas are at play, our design team will create the physical structure that houses the digital signage, providing concept visuals right through to shop drawings.

Content Creation

There are virtually limitless display options for digital screens. The content mix may be:

  • One off solo screens displaying unique content
  • Thousands of screens displaying unique, or co-ordinated content
  • Content from live feeds eg. internet news feeds, video, live feed, maps
  • Unique, branded content
  • Pre-programmed info changed minute by minute

Content Management

Digital signage allows content to change at the press of a button.

Changes can be made from any networked PC, anywhere in the world!  Real-time updates to sales promotions, consumer trends, weather, politics, safety alerts, training requirements and more. Budget options operate by USB updates.

Yap!create provide 24/7 content management services. We keep our fingers on the pulse to ensure customers and business’ are maximising the potential of their digital signage.

Facial Recognition Solutions

Using biometric technology, content can now be even smarter.

Cameras are built into the digital devise to gauge a viewer’s age and gender. Content is then matched to the viewer!  Sophisticated technology and content programming can improve the appeal and relevance of a sale or message.

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