Future Trends in Signage – Digitisation

According to the 2020 Digital Signage Today Future Trends Report* digital signage will increasingly be used as a visual marketing and communications tool in the future’s modern workplace. Whilst some companies have engaged digital screens of all shapes and sizes, there is still a propensity for the screens to be bland screens – the ‘black rectangle effect’ – when they could used to display localised content and messaging to reconnect with employees.

Looking ahead , the Report* indicates that of all survey respondents, there will be a 79% increase in the numbers of screens being deployed or changed over the next 2 years – refer to chart 29 on the left.

Those digital displays will become fully integrated with traditional signage – with the main reasons cited for the increase in screen usage being increased brand awareness (42%) and staying up-to-date with technology (42%) – see chart 30 below. Of all the categories posted in the chart below it can be seen that there are a considerable number of  respondents (26%) indicating successful pilots that are leading to roll-outs. This is a trend that we are seeing as companies initially try digital signage solutions on a small scale before a major deployment. There are definite advantages to pilots. First it allows companies to see the technology working in action and secondly, it allows for trials the content management solution and customer response. These definitely help with developing a business case for future major digital signage deployments.










The experts also predict digital signage will become more popular in retail, QSR (quick service restaurant), corporate communications, transport and more. Some of their predictions include:

  • An increasing integration of voice interactivity & real-time communications;
  • Deeper analytics for in-store commerce;
  • More in-depth entertainment options.

Does Robotic Digital Signage have a Future?

Sources* indicate that there are already advances in technology that are seeing mobile digital signage come to the fore. In a COVID-19 world, the speed of innovation has been impressive – especially when looking at ways to combat the virus. Some of the innovative solutions we have witnessed during the last few months include:-

  • digital signage hand sanitizer dispensers;
  • free virtual educational tools;
  • robotic kiosks that can deliver digital signage messages.

Looking at robotic kiosks in particular, this technology (see pic on right) comes with four 55-inch 4K display screens. Internal scanners ensure the robots obstacle avoidance powers while moving across a hospital, retailer or other business. Additional features such as thermal cameras will detect when someone has a high body temperature, which can be a life saver to ensure people with COVID-19 do not come in contact with others. The robotic kiosk has the dual advantage of  displaying advertising and/or videos which can be uploaded in real time on loud via CMS. In built analytics can use facial recognition software to analyse the number of visitors, age, gender and emotions.

The robotic technology is exciting and new – which is likely to engage people for the novelty value. The benefit of being mobile will mean that they can be stationed at key locations which may be changing all the time – this maybe especially effective in venues such as shopping centres, airports, supermarkets and event venues. With multiple cameras within the robot and connected to the software, the potential for facial recognition and security analysis is advantageous.

These 2 factors alone will derive benefits for advertising channels and will attract more clients. The benefits of having a mobile solutions will mean that businesses can consider one mobile asset as opposed to multiple fixed assets.

New Markets for Digital Signage

The Report* indicates that the main types of digital signage that respondents have now, or plan to add shortly include:-

  • Interactive touchscreens – 39%
  • 4k display resolution – 32%
  • Interface with Social Media – 32%

Going forward we interpret that the interactive touchscreen is going to continue to be a front runner with a 78% take up within 2 years.  Also progressively popular over the next couple of years will be the interface with social media, such as Facebook, Twitter etc, as the world becomes increasingly socially connected.

Take your Sign Message to the Next Level

There’s no doubt that the quality of digital signage in the future will up the ante of Australia’s ability to engage with customers. This is a technology that is here to stay. To delay investment in the technology is a false economy – especially as many of the solutions can be self liquidating. Our team of professionals are here to help with assessing the return on investment opportunities for your next digital signage project – whether it be touchscreens, digital displays or video walls.  The Yap!digital experts are just a phone call away.

For more information or inspiration give us a call on + 61 9 9274 5151 or email today.

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SOURCE: *DigitalSignageToday and 2020 Networld Media Group: Executive Summary Report
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