Traditional Posters vs Modern Digital Signage – what’s Your View?

Traditionalists will always argue for maintaining tradition and will resist change. Conversely, Modernists are typified by a general commitment to exploratory experimentation that elevates challenge, critical autonomy and creative innovation. But which group are winning the signage war?! In the  signage industry we are seeing a resurgence of some more traditional signage methods such as brushwork or signwriting, and neon.  However, we are also experiencing a major shift in sentiment towards innovative digital signage technology that offers real-time messaging and engaging content.

Whatever your opinion, there is no denying this shift towards digital signage which looks set to continue.  In a recently published report* they forecast massive growth in the digital signage market over the next 7 years – which looks to grow to a value of US$26.3 billion by 2027.

This represents a market growth of 6.4% in this period. Whilst the US has the highest market share currently, the Asia-Pacific region is look set to see the highest growth – great news for the prospects in our local WA and Australian marketplace.

The chart on the left indicates how the US market is modelled to grow over the next decade and the curve is on the up!

Compelling Reasons to Use Modern Digital Signage

Whilst traditional paper posters have their place, the time taken to swop them out, and their environmental footprint, are both considerable. The initial investment may be higher with digital signage, but the real-time interchangeability is highly beneficial and the bean counters will smile at the cost savings over time.

Some key advantages of modern digital signage include:-

  1. Static vs Dynamic content: Using single still images in posters is like pushing your car to work every day. Your content should be changing all the time. Why? Well people are used to a huge amount of information to be pushed to them in today’s world (think Social Media). Content change and the introduction of movement catches people’s attention and creates engagement. Avoid the pitfalls of just using the digital screen like a poster or power-point presentation. Today’s digital signage content management software is simple to use and can create exciting and attention-grabbing chunks of information, constantly catching people’s attention.
  2. Outdated content: Posters are out of date as soon as they are displayed! With a digital screen everything can be kept relevant and fresh so people don’t get bored with the content. Important information can be displayed instantaneously – ie, during the COVID-19 pandemic use the content to help with health messaging, safety messages and important health updates. Content management systems can be delivered from the convenience of your desk so the power to change information is instantaneous. This is true for menu items, stock levels, campus messaging, sales promotions or event dates. Real-time news, weather, viewpoints, opinion or advertising can be played alongside your content is a value add for customers.
  3. Poor layout: Everyone knows the importance of having good graphic designers in charge of your branding. This applies equally to posters and the digital signage medium. Posters are one dimensional and have limits to the content they can display. Whereas the options are endless with dynamic digital content. Each frame of animation can be well balanced and designed to be either display or interactive to make your message shine!
  4. No interaction: Poster are static. However, if you have screens playing specific messages, then the messaging can change at a frequency to suit you, or importantly be used to interact with the user. Everyone knows how to use touchscreen technology now that smartphones are part of everyday life. Add in interactive maps and wayfinding services and the signage becomes a valuable asset – especially in a retail, campus or transport hub. Aiding people navigate around a facility or space is a wonderful addition to a venue’s ability to delight its customers.
  5. Flexible Message Updates: If you have multiple locations set up with digital screens there is an opportunity to update the information locally across one, or multiple assets, from the comfort of your desk. As a Brand or Marketing Manager, you now have the ability to take control of which promotional material is being displayed at each location in real time.  This allows for instant updates across the board if you receive new content eg. sales promotions, advertising. Similarly you can take down outdated content instantly. Posters just cannot offer this flexibility.
  6. Scheduling Content: Planning a promotion or campaign requires skill and precision. The print process of posters is another ‘factor’ that can be both stressful and complex.  When missing deadlines is not an option, the print process is just an added complication.  However, with modern digital signage, the beauty of the scheduling functions is that a digital message can be scheduled to run ahead of time… Sales or advertising campaigns can be set up in advance to ensure that the timing synchronises with other campaigns and is scheduled across the network. A very powerful tool to the Marketing Department! Using analytics of sales data allows you to increase your sales by having relevant content being updated on all systems by scheduling or in real time. Leave the sales staff to worry about in-store selling, and let the marketeers schedule the promotions and advertising!
  7. No call to action: Posters are typically a one-way communication. Using the full suite of content management tools digital signage can obtain 2-way communication and feedback.  It can tell the user something about a product or service, and then receive data back from them eg. contact information, sales preferences. The CRM advantages of interactive touchscreens need to leave a customer both impressed and with a positive view of your brand.

Take your Sign Messaging to the Next Level

There’s no doubt in our minds that the seven arguments raised above sway towards the use of modern, technology-orientated signage for the future. We know that the take-up of digital signage is influenced by 4 key factors:-

  1. Security;
  2. Stability;
  3. Easily up-date-able;
  4. Affordable.

For the full lowdown on how we can help create digital signage options for your venue or facility, our team of professionals are just a phone call away. Talk to us today about how digital signage can add value and enhance your venue, hotel, resort, restaurant or conference space – and even be used as a revenue generating opportunity. We can build a return on investment model that will show you how this modern technology suddenly becomes both affordable and self liquidating.

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SOURCE:  *Digital Signage Today
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