As with many things in life, the devil is definitely in the detail. It’s an idiom we take very seriously when delivering our turnkey digital solutions.

Our digital signage systems often look simple on the outside, but the detail required to ensure a fully functioning sign is very complex. The flowchart outlines the eight components required for digital signage – from design right through to aftercare.  Yap!digital technical specialists are able to provide all eight from our in-house resources.

From the very start of the project, our team will consider the following elements when assessing a project.

  • a thorough consultation briefing with the client;
  • a thorough understanding of the digital requirements;
  • a thorough review of the technological specs;
  • a thorough analysis of the manufacturing;
  • a thorough survey of the location;
  • a thorough quality check on completion.

As the signage works through our operation the expertise of each area comes into play. To ensure that the finished product arrives on site in immaculate condition, measures are taken at every opportunity to protect the signage and manage the safety of our people working around the signs. Use of our mobile gantries allows these large digital suspended signs in production [pictured below] to be worked on and easily manoeuvred  around the factory.  Careful wrapping of all sign elements keeps dust off and protects items until they are ready for installation. In a busy factory environment this is never easy, but once again, detailed preservation techniques are used to maintain quality.

Prior to taking the digital signs to site, extensive paperwork exercises are completed to thorough understand the installation methodology. Often this includes consultation with multiple stakeholders and contractors. This process is made possible due to the diligent work of our Project Managers well in advance. For this project at Perth Airport  significant liaison with PAPL and other stakeholders was required to ensure passenger and our team’s safety – see installation pictures below.

The quality of the finished product is the sum of the thorough approach to every element of the works. Yap!digital proudly stand by their devilish focus on the detail…!

Talk to one of the Yap!digital team today to find out more about digital signage, digital displays, interactive touchscreens, kiosks, video walls or digital advertising billboards. Our Yap!digital team will also bring you their experience of static and digital signage solutions will ensure that your customers and users have an outstanding experience next time they visit you.

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