Whilst the development of a signage strategy maybe an investment in time, the economic benefits are considerable. Whether you are opting for digital signage, or static signs, the need for a solid master plan cannot be underestimated. Including everything from brand, to design, to longevity, to message and more, there are many considerations that need to be made to develop the best ‘masterplan’.

Ask yourself, ‘does my plan future-proof my investment?’

Question, ‘it is possible for my signage plan to offer me a revenue stream?’

How about, ‘how well does my strategy align to the other business and marketing ideas I have?’

Some of the more obvious ways that a good signage strategy can help business include:

  • Improved visibility of key locations eg. entry statements, building signage;
  • Increased walk-in traffic by good directional signage helping your customer’s find you easily;
  • Opportunities for cross promotion eg. display signage in receptions showing the full range of products or services;
  • Improved reputation as a professional business – good signage speaks volumes about the type of business you are;
  • Added awareness and sales of your products or services;
  • Safety first – staff and customers kept safe through good use of statutory signage

Find out more in our Case Study dedicated to strategic planning of your next static and digital wayfinding project here.

The Final Wrap

Why are sign companies good at strategic signage? Well, it’s our daily bread. We live, breathe and dream signage. Our Yap!digital team are immersed in what makes a good sign 24/7 and, as users of many public facilities ourselves, are well versed in what makes a good wayfinding solution (and all too often, what doesn’t). Contact us today on 08 9274 5151 or email


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