The Great Shape Debate

The future shape of digital signage is an interesting one.

  • When will we move away from rectangular boxes into more creative forms?
  • How can we design exciting shapes that capture the imagination?
  • Is appearance as important as we think it is?
  • Is a digital sign’s form the key factor that will attract a customer’s eye? (and let’s face it, this holds true with human physical appearances, silhouettes and structure, so why not signage?!)

We are already seeing the emergence of glamorous curved digital screens, with sculpted form and luring figures.  Based on this we predict that a major focus on digital signage ‘shape’ is just around the corner. Yes, new models and projects will feature oval, circular and asymmetrical builds which will see digital signage evolve once more and command even greater by the end user.

To a great extent, digital signage ‘shape’ is created by the housing. In the industry we refer to the housing as the structural and/or cosmetic framing of the digital screens/displays. Customising the shapes is an artform in itself, relying on a keen creative eye and vision to go beyond the norm. Let us not forget that relevant quote from Steve Jobs who famously says ‘Design is not just what it looks and feels like.  Design is how it works”.

Pentagonal Suspended Digital Sign for All Round Viewing – CASE STUDY

Take the pentagonal digital sign we recently completed at Perth Airport. The five sided design was borne out of a functionality requirement. It was essential that travellers could see the screen display information from every angle in a busy Duty Free environment.

Our brief was to replace an existing static pentagon shaped sign. The Yap!digital team offered a turnkey solution including structural design, specification of display enclosures, IT hardware and a digital content template methodology.

At the outset our designers prepared the original design specs and concepts worked through to detailed shop drawings. The design included five 65” screens and media players. Integral to project success was the electrical specification. Our project management team co-ordinated the electrical and camera data points back to the Perth Airport’s communications rack.

The delivery deadline for the works required precise project management.  The Yap!digital team managed the engineering and OSHE requirements for the airport project. Meticulous planning and logistics were involved to ensure that works were completed with minimal impact to the passengers using Terminal 1.

For more information about this project, please follow the link to our Case Study here.

Why Content was King on this Project

Content on the pentagonal sign had to cater for messaging in multiple languages. The trigger for language selection is based on flight landing data. Clever huh!  The digital content is programmed to rotate to a certain language related to a recent arrival, and then revert back to English after a period of time. Versatility is always key. This sign also has the capacity to run advertising related content or emergency messaging.

Shaping up for the Future

For more information or advice on how to make sure your digital signage is shaped to win the hearts and minds of its audience, contact us today! We are busy helping our clients shape up for the future in a post-Covid19 world when the economy starts to thrive and digital signage becomes more and more common. Call us on +61 8 9274 5151 or email

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