Our team have been brainstorming how to re-discover digital signage in a Covid-19 world.

Clearly, use of digital touchscreens, interactive kiosks etc will depend on where you are located in the world and your Government’s advice on social distancing etc. Here in Perth, WA and Australia, there is a good chance that our Stage 2 restrictions will bring back many businesses to ‘normal’ operations. With that comes a couple of interesting discussions.

  • How do we return digital signage assets to good use?
  • How safe are touchscreens to use right now?
  • How should we be planning our digital signage for the future?

Our Yap!digital team of specialists have been pondering these questions and more, and can offer the following advice to help everyone survive and thrive in these difficult economic times.

How to return digital signage assets to good use?

Many would argue that in difficult times like these, digital signage plays an even bigger role than before. Its ability to relay critical messages quickly is a key benefit.  Turn on your digital signage assets now and start the process of sharing important health and safety information. Messages delivered in ‘real-time’ are highly valuable. In these times of multiple updates and information overload, the ability to deliver consistent messaging across 1 to a hundred digital assets using your keyboard is critical.

Working remotely is not an issue – all you need is an internet connection. It will keep employees and customers safe and reassure them that they are being looked after.

How safe are touchscreens and digital displays to use right now?

We believe digital signage is a valuable asset during these Coronavirus times. Can it help flatten the curve? Well, maybe! Especially if you’re operating in a health related business. Some professions that may need to use their digital signage technology to assist with health messages, warnings, hygiene reminders and as a reassurance to visitors that they are in a ‘safe’ environment.

Regular sanitization, as per all other equipment, is absolutely necessary. Good cleaning habits with everything in the public domain is now a key criteria in mitigating the risks. Digital signage is no exception but used properly, is still a safe option.

Consider the following as relevant in this case:-

  1. Medical Professionals
  2. Hospitals
  3. GPs/ Physicians / Dentists / Specialists
  4. Medical Centres & Hospitals
  5. Physiotherapists
  6. Vets
  7. Train / Bus / Rail / Taxi / Ports and other transportation
  8. Entertainment venues

How should we be planning our digital signage for the future?

If your business has some time on its hands with sales downturns right now, now is the time to act. We see this as a great opportunity to look at existing touchscreens and digital signage and plan for the future. This may take the form of a maintenance approach – what can I do to ensure the technology is in good repair, clean, working as efficiently as possible?

It is also a good time to review the age of the technology and discuss upgrades which future-proof the assets for the coming years. Most digital technology over 5 years old will be out of warranty and will have been superceeded with brighter, flatter, smaller, faster or more responsive models and software.

Maybe it’s also a good opportunity to review value added technologies. For more ideas and advice on what’s new and exciting in the market, our Yap!digital team are only a phone call away.

Next Steps

If you’re an existing client, please feel free to get in touch to find out how your existing solution can be refreshed or upgraded. If you’re new to digital signage and want to learn more about how it can benefit your business and the wider community, speak to us today to find out how we can help.

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