How does your company deal with internal communications in the digital age? We have so much more information at our disposal, so much more to share, so many more facts and important notices to divulge.  So my question is, has internal communications become simpler in today’s business world? Or are we all overloaded with too much to digest, let alone action?

Internal communications is growing and is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. Business owners and employees seek greater transparency in the companies they work for, and the ethos of ‘sharing’ is becoming an ‘obligation’ as we all try to make meaningful contributions to society, work and our personal journeys.

For larger companies and organizations who have the budget and resources for intranets and apps, the internal comms challenge is easier – but even these more sophisticated tools rarely can do the work on their own.

Some companies are approaching this very modern day ‘problem’ with a suite of digital signage designed purely for their internal communications.

How Can Digital Signage Engage Your Internal Audience






Digital signage plays an important role in a holistic internal communications strategy, as it has the ability to reach a wide  audience at times when they are ‘relaxing’ at work, as well as when they are hard at it!

Digital signage allows you to reach your employees, visitors and vendors. Intranets and apps are only for employees and miss some of the important stakeholders in a company. This medium can range from small displays in meeting rooms to large-format video walls in entryways.

Some popular ways to engage staff in their ‘downtime’ might be:

  • Staff room digital display screens – product news, adverts;
  • Reception and waiting area self standing kiosks;
  • Touchscreens in the staff room – fun training games;
  • Boardroom interactive training modules;
  • Video walls in reception with motion challenges;
  • Staff feedback on touchscreen consoles.

One of the best aspects of this medium is that content already being produced for multiple forms of communications internally can be repurposed.

Investing In A Digital Signage Medium

Internal comms with either display or interactive touchscreen digital signage doesn’t have to be a huge investment. Typically a lot of the comms material you would use on a digital signage technology has already been generated before. Take the work you’re already doing and re-purpose it to all the displays – this could apply to product training or safety briefings.

Another great advantage of digital displays is mobility. When not being used for internal communications, free standing kiosks or video walls can be used for special events, exhibitions, staff training or product launches.  The technology can easily be moved and set up in different offices, branches, stores or functions ensuring that the entire business benefit from the internal communication tools employed. A real multi-purpose communications tool.

The other key benefit is that digital signage easily transfers from an internal communication vehicle, into an external sales too. Three-way adaptation is a dream to any bean counter or business owner looking to get maximum bang for their buck.

The Final Wrap

There’s no doubt that using digital signage opens up new avenues in internal conversations with your employees. The great news for those considering digital signage displays is their versatility. Ask us how to maximise the return on your investment to make your internal communication challenges become opportunities to upgrade your product launch or sales functions.

We’re here to do the hard work for you! The Yap!digital team will give you non-biased recommendations and because we’re not affiliated to any brands we have flexibility to design a solution based on the technology that fits your requirements the best.

Our Yap!digital team will also bring you their experience of static and digital signage solutions will ensure that your customers and users have an outstanding experience next time they visit you.

We’re ready to start talking! Speak up now about your next project or idea.

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