Have you discovered the power of Lighting and Projection Mapping yet?

If the answer is no, then listen up!

Many businesses are increasingly turning to lighting and projection to enhance their projects and create wow factor. Projection mapping is a novel way to turn objects, buildings, parks, concerts, museums and other theatre stages into a stunning display surface ideal for video projection. The way that colours and content reacts with different surfaces – such as building substrates, artworks or plant matter – creates a truly unique show.

Put simply projection mapping is the display of an image onto a non-flat or non-white surface.

Vivid colours, artistic animations, narratives, interpretive images and abstract images all form inspiration for projection and lighting. The objects may be complex industrial landscapes, such as buildings, small indoor objects, dams, fountains, historical castles or theatrical stages.

How can Yap!digital Help?

  • The start of the project requires a great concept some outstanding creation. This forms the solid foundation for any lighting or projection concept. The Yap! team of designers, artists and creatives will assist in specifying the correct projection systems and explore any additional effects you might require from our broad suite of options.
  • Next we’ll help you technically to advise on sizing and projector placement. This may require an engineering approach or positioning at heights to project onto a rooftop for example. Lighting positioned either internally, or strategically via LEDs or rope neon can all create beautiful halo effects around objects and create a sensational, dynamic light display.
  • Design wise our qualified designers can create the perfect artwork.  Taking the visual imagery and creative we will create desired images and effects. Using particular colours or themes for the project, we will use sophisticated software mapping to ensure that the end result sits flush with the artwork surface.
  • We may include a digital signage component to complement the overall effect of the display. Remembering that large scale projection light projects are typically a nighttime occurance so incorporating vivid, dynamic digital displays allows for viewing 24/7.
  • Implementation is performed by our team of experienced tradesmen with lighting, LEDs and major projects across WA and beyond.

Large Event Displays

The scope for showcase event displays is becoming more creative as designers can now use highly powerful projectors and projection mapping technology to light up entire structures. The creative is not limited by size. In some installations, such as the Electric Forrest in USA, they use up to 40 projectors to create a stunning choreography with scenes sequencing through the trees and live show areas. Watch video here.

Today’s installations rely on powerful processing devices – projectors – with experts able to install technology in previously impossible locations.  Complex requirements can be accommodated via use of rope access or at heights teams, who can safely reach previously inaccessible areas and project images from these locations. Challenges include keeping the projectors weather protected, dust free and making sure any protective casing does not interfere with the light show.

The use of multiple projectors can create a blurring of images and used to combine themes. With creative edge-blending our team will ensure correct colour reproduction and image consistency. In-situ technology can also do this in real time to check for image quality.


For those considering digital signs but not quite ready to invest, we have a range of 55″ interactive touchscreen kiosks for hire. One day, one month or one year. Plenty of rental options are available. We can set up and deliver – just ask us for our hassle-free service with great value pricing to match.

What’s the Yap!digital Difference?

Our team’s expertise is second to none. Speak to us today about your projection and lighting ideas. With over 6 years experience our team have all round knowledge and keenly follow global developments in lighting, projection and digital signage technology.

Get yapping now! We’d be happy to assist you develop projection displays and signage to ensure your business’ best assets are visible. Call us today and speak to a member of the sales team on +8 9274 5151 for no obligation advice and quote, or email admin@signsandlines.com.

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