First Impressions Count!

When making that crucial first impression counts, digital signage is an ideal way to ‘wow’. In many cases, business and organisations are seeking innovative and technology-centric ways to streamline that crucial initial contact with customers. That is why they are turning to digital display or touchscreen signage for their reception. Wall mounted or self standing kiosks are ideally suited.

Not only does digital technology fit the bill of high impact. It is informative and can provide real time information seamlessly delivered through a desktop computer or mobile phone. Touchscreen features linked to software can provide visitor logins and help with compliance. All your visitor check-ins for safety and fire can be done using the touchscreen features.

Visitor Management

Messaging can be personalised to include a name and welcome greeting. Information and visuals regarding the business, the key contacts and maps offering directions to a meeting point are all ways to make a visitor feel at home. The wait time inconvenience can be avoided. After all, who likes queues!

Advantages of a Digital Receptionist

Some of the benefits of a digital display or touchscreen in a reception or visitor area include:

  • creates a professional, sleek environment;
  • enhanced user experience;
  • boosts office or business or organisational efficiency;
  • reduces visitor waiting times and queues;
  • streamlines processes and cost effective visitor management;
  • keep reception areas clutter free;
  • options to run promotional videos, advertising or revenue generating content;
  • keeps people safe and secure via facial recognition software;
  • paperless environmentally friendly system;
  • protects property and assets.

How a Digital Receptionist Works

Very simply, a visitor follows a 6 step process:

  1. Visitor arrives
  2. Visitor fills in details on touchscreen
  3. Digital software captures visitors details
  4. Host is notified
  5. Meeting occurs
  6. Seamless checkout

Facial Recognition

Into the future facial recognition will be increasingly absorbed into the digital technology to allow for even quicker check-ins. This exciting technology is ideal for on-site verification. By enabling fast and accurate identify validation, many organisations have benefitted from improved on-site security and improved levels of check-in efficiency via facial recognition technology.

Facial recognition allow an organisations to add image or video to the check-in process for visitors, contractors and guests arriving on-site. If a visitor has previously checked-in on-site and is authorised, the digital device will photograph their face. Facial features are instantly recognised and the visitor bypasses  several checks and will receive a printed visitor ID or badge.

First-time visitors can either pre-upload a photo as part of their meeting invitation process. As an unscheduled visitor a photo capture process inside the digital screen or kiosk is a simple , time-effective process and can be completed quickly and easily.

Find more on Facial Recognition here.

Missing the Human Touch?

So what about the human touch? Yes, I can hear this being mumbled and no doubt, there is still a place for the human receptionist. However, there is no doubt that technology provides a cost effective and modern alternative. This is the way of the future.

The Final Wrap

Our team will be happy to assist you develop information and visitor management digital signage to ensure your organisation puts its best foot forward right right from the getgo. Call us today and speak to a member of the sales team on +8 9274 5151 for no obligation advice and quote, or email

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