Our latest Outdoor Digital Display Project 

Vicinity Centre’s recently opened DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) shopping centre in the Perth Airport precinct acquired a striking new ‘facelift’ this month. Whilst we’re not cosmetic doctors (!!), the five new digital screens on the West elevation have given the shopping centre great visibility from the Tonkin Highway during the day and night 24/7.

Yap!digital’s design scope was to provide a series of large format P10 LED screens each able to play individual content. The five portrait orientation screens are each screen 2.88m (W) x 4.80m (H) giving a massive combined display area of 69m². Our team installed the screens in a row along one building face at just above roof level,  approximately 4 metres above ground level. The exterior rated P10 screens are serviceable from the front face. Our team prepared meticulous shop drawings to ensure that the structural and engineering requirements were met with the builder, Georgiou. Find more information on this project in our Case Study.

What Screen is Best? The P Pixel factor!

When considering an outdoor digital display screen there are a few rules of thumb. One consideration is pixel pitch which is denoted by a P followed by a number. Take a P10 LED sign – this means the screen is comprised of P10 modules with a pixel pitch of 10mm. Our P10 screens were chosen as they are designed to be read from a viewing distance of around 25-30 metres. To choose the optimum pixel pitch 2 factors should be considered:

  • the viewing distance;
  • the required image resolution.

Smaller pixel pitches give a better image quality – but are more expensive. Larger pixel pitch will suit longer viewing distance. The best viewing distance of a pixel pitch is the distance that need to stand away from the screen so eyes won’t be able to see the gaps between the pixels.

Every digital screen commissioned should be carefully analysed at the outset to ensure that it is going to offer the optimum viewing range. The following outlines a guide to viewing distances offered by each screen type:

  • P16: good view distance is 40m
  • P10: good view distance is 20m
  • P8: good view distance is 16m
  • P6: good view distance is 12m
  • P4: good view distance is 8m

The Final Wrap

The great news for those shopping around for outdoor digital signage displays is that we are here to do the hard work such as the best technology and screens to suit your project. The Yap!digital team will give you a non-biased recommendation and as we are not affiliated to any brands this gives us flexibility to design a solution based on the technology that fits your requirements the best.

We’re ready to start talking! Speak up now about your next project or idea.

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