There comes a time when all signage needs a face-lift. Whether for purely cosmetic reasons, or related to logistics or upgrades in technology, most things in life need a bit of an upgrade every now and then. And digital signage is no different.

In the fast paced world of digital signage, advances in technology happen at quite a pace. Recent trends in 2018/19 include major improvements in the screen market  – with much sleeker screens now available that increasingly looking like they ‘belong’ in an environment. The Yap! team keep at the forefront of the curve, with our team always seeking industry ‘firsts’ or new products to take to our clients. When needed our team can also ‘deconstruct’ existing digital signage to ensure the most modern, up to date technology is used, retrofitting where needed (see example below).

We’re noticing that the current trend is to align the overall look and feel of touchscreens to their environment. Whether located ‘inside’ or ‘out’, with well designed framing or housings, digital signage can go beyond the typical rectangular screen. Think multi-shaped – such as circle, square, curved – with framing made out of glass, brass and everything in between! Let’s face it, good-looking digital signage will definitely add to the general aesthetics of a location and a few examples of how this has been used dramatically are shown below:

  • ​projection mapping at St Louis Union, USA;
  • LED 3D spheres, hexagon, ring and flexible round displays showing multiple images;
  • curved digital signage at Piccadilly Lights in London;
  • brass finished framing and curved video wall at Yagan Square, Perth.

Similarly there have been major improvements in the LEDs so that they are brighter and higher quality. Refitting modern, new-age LEDs is quite a common way that we are asked to deconstruct and upgrade digital signage.

Sometimes it’s not the technology that dictates a digital signage upgrade. At Perth Airport on the key trunk road in and out of the airport, the ongoing redevelopment of the Airport precinct required the existing digital sign to be widened and raised to cater for transport network upgrades. When roads need to widen or traffic flows are altered, a deconstruction process is required – the Yap!digital team widened this sign for APN with all the digital tiles removed and reinstated as part of the project – see pics below.

If you are seeking guidance on how to deconstruct your existing digital signage, need an upgrade or are new to the touchscreen, video wall and display digital market then give Yap!digital a call today. We’d love to talk! Contact +61 8 9274 5151 or email us on today.



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