Finding an Advantage in Tourism

With Covid-19 hitting Australia’s tourism market hard, the need to leverage every advantage possible has never been greater. Despite Government incentives to get Australians making the most of our fantastic local attractions, the need to encourage tourism once in situ is more important than ever. this is where digitalization comes to the fore.   Digitalization refers to the use of digital technology and digitized data to impact how work gets done, transform how customers and companies engage and interact, and create new revenue streams. It applies just as much to tourism as to business.

Modern digital signage lets visitors learn more about their destination and then make informed travel decisions by updating users with live tourist information. For example, an interactive self-service solution provides travellers with up-to-date information on events, weather, news and upcoming promotions.

In an internet world, many visitors are used to finding out everything they need to know via touch. Touchscreen technology is also a great way to keep visitor’s interest up – and reduce the potential for kid’s boredom (!). There is no doubt that by providing touchscreens the information can be both informative as well as entertaining!

Tourism in the West – Case Study

City of Swan wanted to introduce modern technology into the Swan Valley Visitors Centre to assist with their sales and marketing efforts. Our solution – a 55 inch freestanding digital kiosk with touchscreen displaying content from the City of Swan website – ideal for displaying campaigns and promotions related to the Valley.

The scope of work included supplying the kiosk and installing at site. Our team set up the IT software and technology to allow the screen to link directly to the Swan Valley’s web content featuring events, activities, restaurants, maps and more.  The whole system benefits from a very simple operation, with no content updates required as the live feed from the website keeps content fresh.

Tourists and people have browsing access to the single sided touchscreen located inside the Visitor Centre.

Project Summary

Project:                       Swan Valley Visitors Centre Digital Touchscreen

Location:                    Guildford, WA

Environment:            Internal

Client:                         City of Swan

Date:                            Feb 2021

Features:                    55” single-sided interactive touchscreen with content connected to the City of Swan website.

Read more about it at our Case Study here.

More about Swan Valley Visitor Centre

The Swan Valley is widely considered the City of Swan’s jewel in the crown. Renowned for its wineries, restaurants, produce, activities and rustic charm, visitors to the Valley are spoilt for choice. Find out more here:

The Final Wrap

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