Can Digital Sales Kiosks Change Customer Behaviour?

In a word ‘yes’ but let’s explore how a digital sales kiosk really can change customer behaviour.  At their most basic, kiosks are interactive computer terminals that allow customers to conduct business transactions automatically, without human interaction. Hence ‘self-service’!

They are like an oversize mobile phone/hand-held device – any you’ve only got to look around to see how critical these have become in our everyday work, lifestyle and leisure time.

A Sales Kiosk’s hardware and software can deliver an efficient yet customizable user experience. It can be argued that kiosks can be highly persuasive – through their exciting digital imagery – and very engaging as they will take the customer on a journey, at the customer’s pace, and to the customer’s chosen destination.

Given their size, they are impactful – let’s face it, you cant ignore a 2 metre tall kiosk displaying bright, dynamic content.

Mabel Park Digital Sales Kiosks

We recently developed for One Mabel Park’s sales office in Jolimont, WA.  As a boutique development of apartments in a leafy corner of Perth’s western suburbs, the digital solution was designed to offer prospective buyers and opportunity to really explore the key features of the residential project.

The Sales Office introduced an exciting ‘self-service’ interactive, digital signage kiosk to complement other buying tools. Our client was ‘very happy’ with both the content and the housing of the interactive touchscreen system which allowed customers to access key information whilst employees work on more detailed enquires or sign up a new buyer.  Whilst there will always be a need for human employees who focus solely on greeting, answering questions, and providing the human touch, whereas core information can be automated by visually stimulating content such as videos and slide shows.

Automation via sales kiosks can also provide a customer the ability to read product reviews, view interactive maps, see a house and land package in a different colour/floorplan/roof tile or compare prices between locations/lots. For this project we supplied a large, wall mounted, 65” infra-red touchscreen, housed in a laminated aluminium outer shell. With HD and Anti-Glare, the screen is designed to offer the best viewing quality.

The Final Wrap

If you need inspiration, design assistance or help managing a touchscreen digital signage project, the team at Yap!digital are here to help. Our content creation and content management service will make sure you get the most of your signage, plus the benefit of our team of signage professionals to guide you every step of the way.

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