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What’s in an award? Well, quite a lot actually.  Awards are a mark of those who strive to succeed. Awards acknowledge success – plus they recognise many other qualities such as ability, struggle, effort and, above all, excellence.  They reflect how others see us – as well as allow us to look inwardly to visualise our strengths. And whilst a shiny trophy is important, in most cases the kudos comes from public recognition.  Truth be told, signage awards are no different. First they showcase excellence in design. And second, the awards highlight different production techniques and approaches. Finally, our industry benefits by having a cohesive, standardised level of quality. All great news for our valued digital signage customers!

Every 2 years the peak industry body of the sign industry in Australia, ASGA (Australian Sign & Graphics Association), holds rewards for outstanding signage – both traditional and modern digital signage. Yap!digital has proudly entered projects in the last two competitions and this year is no different. We like that the event is designed to encourage, promote and reward skills in our craft of sign making. It is also designed to affirm excellence in technology and product – so critical in the digital signage space.

2020 ASGA / FESPA Australia HP Awards for Excellence

In 2020 the ASGA awards received over 387 entries across the 21 categories which cover the full range of signage types. Awards for digital LED/LCD, originality and young ‘rising stars’ of the industry are also included. Yap!digital and Signs & Lines submitted 24 entries in 9 categories – with 7 submissions into the digital signage category. A full run-down of our submissions will be posted once the results have been announced.

Inevitably Covid-19 definitely altered the judging format this time around.  Electronic entries have been assessed remotely by independent sign professionas from around Australia.

The pandemic has delayed the Awards for Excellence presentation night by six months – it is now due to take place on 12th February 2021.

Like usual, the Awards ceremony will be run alongside a one-day Conference.

The event features key industry and business topics, along with sponsor table-top exhibitions. FESPA is a federation of trade associations and an organiser of exhibitions and conferences for the screenprinting and digital printing industry.

Most importantly, it is a meeting of minds in our ever expanding industry.


Digital Signage Award Honours

Receiving an award is a high honour. We don’t know if we have been judged successfully yet – watch this space!

However, irrespective of the outcome, we know we always produce a quality output. So we are cautiously optimistic that we may add to our current awards bounty.

Refer to past awards here.

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